/Notes on patients with diabetic nephropathy at four stage (u

Notes on patients with diabetic nephropathy at four stage (u

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Diabetic nephropathy four phase (urinary protein content is greater than 200mg/24h) patient notes include the following points:

1., establish confidence, adhere to treatment, maintain a calm state of mind, optimistic, regular work and rest, avoid fatigue

2. disable neomycin, streptomycin, gentamicin, Guan Caulis Caulis, Guang Yu, Aristolochia, and other drugs on the kidney function damage obvious

3. to prevent a cold, avoid cold, not tired, do not eat health food, tonic.

4. to eat light digestible food, avoid seafood, beef, mutton, spicy food, spiced wine and coffee, aniseed, coriander.

5. hyperkalemia eat high potassium food such as seafood, mushrooms, ham, mushrooms, nuts, corn, bananas, citrus, potatoes, radish, tea, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate.

6. high blood uric acid especially not eat animal offal, fish shrimp and mussels, beer, mushrooms, beans, spinach.

7. edema patients should avoid salt, limit the amount of protein food intake, less water. Edema is not heavy, can enter low sodium drink; no swelling, no restrictions on drinking water and protein food intake

8. renal failure uremia patients should eat half a pound of milk a day, 1 eggs, 1, two lean meat. High protein 1g/kg weight

9. patients with hypertension should take antihypertensive drugs to control blood pressure, and people with acidosis should take sodium bicarbonate in time to correct acidosis

10. vitamin supplements, including folic acid, iron, mainly is the treatment of anemia.

11., according to physical fitness, as much as possible to maintain exercise, to avoid physical decline



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